Ricotta of sheep Produced by sheep’s whey, heated 95° C with natural acidity, worked by hand either for filling up the dripping twigs, or for the next steps when it is dry-salting … Read more

Pecorino of Filiano “Pecorino” of “Piano della Spina”, cheese of semi-seasoned paste, is obtained by sheep’s whole milk, coming from breeding whose alimentation is mainly constituted from pasture, green forages and excellent quality hay produced in the internal area of the hills of Lucania … Read more

Caciocavallo Silano DOP Caciocavallo’s name probably comes from the custom, old so much as the same cheese and today still used, of linking the cheese in couples and of hanging them on a beam for the seasoning. The caciocavallo silano is still today worked by hand, according to an old process and protected by tutelage union ... Read more

Provola of Lucania Produced by cow’s milk, is a cheese with a semi-cooked roped paste, salted in brine. Elastic paste , of sweet taste and of straw-coloured, ideal natural for the table and excellent grilled … Read more

Lucanino Lucanino has in the regional production characteristics particularly marked and of unique taste, thanks to the use of milk coming from mountain pastures of Basilicata … Read more


In Italian alimentary tradition a relevant position is taken by the products of milk transformation. The importance that this kind of food had in the past is today enlarged by the knowledge of nutritive characteristics of cheese. In this sense a particular attention is given cheese produced by Piano della Spina dairy of Filiano plunged into Lagopesole Castle woods which capture and reveal the experts the colour of land, the smells and unmistakable tastes of riches and flourishing lucan pastures, the tradition and the experience of wise dairymen, the result of harmonic fusion of cultural, environmental, zoo-technique and climatic factors. It's here a list of the principal typologies of the products. Dairy art masterpieces  which concur to determinate what today is considered “the cooking of health”. prodotti

caciocavallot lucanino
Pecorino of Filiano Caciocavallo Silano DOP Lucanino Ricotta off sheep
provolat burrot burrot burrot
Provola of Lucania
Boccetta of Lucania
Cacioricotta of Goat